Here at WhatsGoodApps, we work with all different kinds of clients to make the best iOS apps out there.  Our projects include collaborations with popular youtube artists totaling over 1 Million subscribers and 100 million +  views along with acquiring twitter accounts with over 5 million followers.

WhatsGoodApps works in a very unique way.  We will make the app at our own cost and then partner with our clients to share the profits that are generated from app sales.  In this way, we take on all of the risk.  Why?  Because we believe in our clients and in our ideas.  

WhatsGoodApps does not just work with any company or management team. We have to believe in our client and be convinced that the app will be successful. If you think your company or client meets these requirements, please contact us.  We would love to hear “what’s good”.

We may reach out to you if we feel that you can meet the requirements and ask you if you’re interested in working with us.